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Personalize Your Event

Make your event standout by adding a personalized touch. We offer many different ways to enhance your special night. Impress your guests and employees the second they walk in the room. 

City Brew Hall Fuze Entertainment UpLighting
Monogram at Avalon Event Center Fuze Ent
Pin Spotting done by Fuze Entertainment

 Uplighting is a popular trend for weddings and corporate  events. Uplighting is used to transform your venue into an experience to be had by all! Uplights are lights that are placed on the floor and aimed up along the wall or towards a particular object. These lights can add color and a personal touch while bringing your room to life! Whether you are looking to light behind your bridal table or the entire room,we can help you add that special touch. 

Monogram Projection

We offer you the ability to have a custom monogram light at your event. Monogram lighting is a great way to add a personalized touch to the night. With a "gobo" projector we are able to put your names, initials, wedding date, company logo, or anything else in lights! Your custom image can be projected on virtually any surface.​


Pinspots create beams of white light that highlight focal points such as centerpieces and desserts.


You paid how much for that cake?? Why wouldn't you make sure it stands out?

Confetti Cannon by Fuze Entertainment

Nothing says FUN at a event or wedding more than a shower of confetti streaming down on a crowd or stage! Our confetti launcher is perfect for grand entrances/exits, big announcements, and great dance floor pictures! 

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